Day two: Your SMART objectives

Your Objectives on a Page

Use ObjectiveManager to add your first objective - it is very intuitive. You can find a step-by-step guide to adding objectives in our online help directory. Add at least one of your objectives to ObjectiveManager today.

You will often hear or see references to SMART objectives on ObjectiveManager.The Quality Rating for objectives helps you to easily see if your objectives are SMART and transparent. You can find an explanation of the Quality Rating on our online help guide.

You can also use the 'Getting Started' guide to quickly access your objectives page. As you add your first set of objectives, you will notice this guide will change to reflect the objectives you have added. 

Editing your Objectives

Try to add at least one of your Objectives to ObjectiveManager today. You can edit an objective at any time, allowing for adjustments to be made without rewriting a whole new objective.

That is the end of today’s message. The next instalment of your programme will look at managing your objectives with Tasks and Progress Updates.

Many thanks

The ObjectiveManager Team

If you would like to learn more, please watch this video:  Adding your objectives

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