What are 'Objective Quality Ratings'?

Objective Quality Ratings will help you think about and create a SMART, transparent objective. Your objectives will be rated up to a maximum of FIVE Stars. In order to get the maximum score, you will need to:

Star 1: Be  Specific: Use at least 80 Characters for your objectives. Be precise, concise and focus on what you will ACHIEVE.

Star 2 : Add  Measure: Using a measure gives an objective a well defined TARGET and a means of tracking progress.

Star 3 : Add  Context: The context provides additional information about the objective and WHY you are doing it.

Star 4 : Add  Tags: Use at least two Tags which show why the objective is RELEVANT & how it relates to the organisations objectives.

Star 5 : Please  Share: Sharing your objective allows colleagues to understand what you are working on and they might COLLABORATE.

Top Tip | Adding Measures to Objectives - If an objective does not have a measure, it is almost certainly not SMART. Most SMART objectives will either have a numerical target (e.g. Win 10 new clients) or a monetary target (e.g. Win 10 new clients, each worth at least £50,000 per annum). However, even where you think an objective is hard to measure, you can usually employ one of these two measures. For example "Improve my pitching skills in order to help the firm win more work". This could easily become "Improve my pitching skills in order to help the firm win more work, so that I am confident to deliver at least one pitch this year". 

Note - not all firms use the quality ratings for objectives. Additionally, some firms may not include all five of the rating categories (for example, if measures are not used, then a maximum rating of four stars would apply).