Examples of SMART objectives

Here are some generic examples of SMART Objectives:

  • Business Development - Develop 3 new client relationships for my practice area, generating new revenues of at least £1.0m for the Department.
  • Client Development - Develop 3 existing client relationships for my practice area, generating revenues of at least £1.0m for the Department.
  • Collaboration & Cross-Selling - Develop 3 new & existing client relationships for the benefit of other practice areas. Focus on Real Estate & Banking.
  • Key Sectors - Deliver 3 major contributions to the firm’s Sector Programme & communicate these to the sector teams. Focus on Mining & Industry in the Middle East.
  • Profile Building - Develop my profile in the market, establishing a reputation as an expert in Banking & Finance, achieving Tier One in Legal 500 & Chambers.
  • Business Management - Achieve the firm’s benchmark profit margins of 30%, exercising strong financial discipline on all my matters and client relationships.
  • Firm Contribution - Identify & deliver 3 initiatives to help deliver the firm’s strategic vision and core objectives. Focus on the Firm's Diversity & Inclusion Programme.
  • Service Excellence & Innovation - Identify 3 ways to innovate to improve service delivery & exceed client expectations. Focus on building a feedback loop with all clients.
  • People & Leadership - Support and develop team members to achieve promotion to senior roles within the firm, in line with the firm's Talent Programme.
  • Client Satisfaction - Ensure a positive satisfaction rating of above 80% from RBS on the South-East Asia Project. Focus on delivery and pricing as key indicators.
  • Pricing - Deliver 5 new innovative pricing solutions for the firm, focused on generating client value. Focus on project delivery and scoping for large matters.

Here are some additional objectives that may help to inspire you when writing your own objectives. These have not been categorised like the objectives above.

  • Introduce AI Assistants to the team, reducing expenses for other associated costs in department by 20%
  • Gain a recognised accreditation in Microsoft software including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access, to provide the best level of support for my team
  • Achieve mastery of SEO and web analytics to propose an improvement to the firms marketing strategy by end of MM/YYYY, improving cost efficiency by at least xx%
  • Work on 3 firm wide projects to build my knowledge of the organisation and increase my visibility and skills. [include target date - End of Qtr X, or MM/YYYY].
  • Support CEO in delivering Leadership transparency by organising quarterly breakfast invitationals across the firm, including agenda items and inviting attendees
  • Improve EA support network by designing a new EA directory by MM/YYYY
  • Provide improved support to my new Partner team by achieving a recognised German language qualification by MM/YYYY