How do I add an objective?

To start adding your Objectives, select the My Objectives tab on ObjectiveManager and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Add Objective
  2. Select a Theme for your Objective (If Themes have been activated)
  3. Describe what you will achieve (maximum of 160 Characters)
  4. Add Measure and Amount (If the Measure function is activated)
  5. Add your Context
  6. Select a Tag (this helps the system group objectives for searching). You can either search for a tag by scrolling through the available list, type a keyword for a tag (e.g. to find a specific client or sector).
  7. The minimum number of Tags is one. We recommend at least two Tags
  8. Add a Target Date (when it needs to be completed by)
  9. Select a Status (Shared or Private)
  10. Click Save As Draft
  11. Send the objective for approval (if you are happy with it) or keep as draft (to work on the objective wording later)

When you send your objective for approval, it goes to your Lead Reviewer for them to approve (the light next to the objective turns amber). At this point, your objective is visible on the system to other people (unless you have marked it as Private). If you leave your objectives in the Draft status (red light), other people cannot see them until you send them for approval. When your objective has been approved, the light will turn green.