Day one: Finding your way

What is ObjectiveManager?

ObjectiveManager is a performance improvement tool, that enhances & brings transparency to your business planning & objective setting process. You can learn more about ObjectiveManager using our online help guide.

You should have already received an e-mail from our support team which contains a link to ObjectiveManager, your username and password. If you have difficulty opening your account, here is an online help guide for resetting your password.

If your firm uses a single sign-on approach, then you will not need to enter your username or password (single sign-on automatically logs you in, based on your computer login details).

Once you have logged in to your ObjectiveManager account, you can start finding your way around ObjectiveManager and searching for other people or business plans.

There are three main areas of interest on your homepage:

Main Page Tabs - These three tabs contain your Homepage, your Objectives and the Search options on ObjectiveManager.

Shortcut Dropdown - Access to your Objectives, Competencies, Development Needs, all your Tasks and any Plans you belong to.

Quick Search - The quick search bar allows you to search for anything related to your chosen keyword/s on ObjectiveManager.

You will also find a set of 'Getting Started' links on your homepage. These shortcuts will help you to complete some of the key actions within ObjectiveManager, acting as a checklist as you complete certain activities. This guide is designed to show the minimum expectation, not a limit (for example - you may have more than 4 objectives, even though the image above indicates '4 objectives to add').

Advanced Searching on ObjectiveManager

On the Search tab you can search for a particular person, find a different client/sector/business plan, or look at the objectives of other fee earners, colleagues or partners around the firm.

Try navigating the application and search for at least one of your colleagues on ObjectiveManager. The next article will focus on adding and editing your objectives.

Many thanks

The ObjectiveManager Team

If you would like to learn more, please watch this video:  What is ObjectiveManager