How do I navigate ObjectiveManager?

ObjectiveManager has been designed to be as simple as possible to use. ObjectiveManager has three main tabs (grey tabs at the top of each page) that are described in further detail below.

My Homepage Tab: The My Homepage tab is where you go to see what other people have been achieving. It is also used to display information about your profile. For example, there is a Notifications section, which contains notifications about things you need to do within the system (please see the Notifications section in this help guide for further information). The Homepage also shows you a) which plans you are member of, b) the people you are managing and c) the people you are following (see Following section in this help-guide).

My Objectives Tab: The My Objectives tab is where you go to manage your objectives. From here you can Add objectives & Progress Updates. Any changes you wish to make to your objectives will be made from this page. 

The Search Tab: The Search tab is where you go to look for People, Plans or All Objectives on the system. If you click on the People Tab, you can search for somebody by entering their name into the search box. This will take you to that person's objectives page. From here, you can also search the Business & Client Plans which have been added to the system. If you wish to search all objectives, click on the All Objectives Tab and enter a search term. This will display the objectives which contain the search term you have entered, or have been tagged with that search term.

There is an account dropdown menu (top right corner of the page) to access the less frequently used section of ObjectiveManager. There is also a dropdown menu next to your main photo to quickly switch between some of your personal pages (Objectives, Tasks, Competencies, Development Needs etc.)