Objective Manager UI/UX Refresh 2022

Objective Manager provides a platform for Partners, Lawyers and Legal Professionals to execute objectives that align with wider firm strategies, supports real time collaboration amongst users and simplifies key processes such as Appraisals, Development Planning or Surveys.

To ensure the application continues to best serve our user base, a User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) refresh has been designed, with the aim of reducing unnecessary effort and streamlining navigation around Objective Manager.

You can also read our FAQs article too more information: Objective Manager UI/UX FAQs.


New Navigation bar takes prominence left of page (Fig 1). Having a consistent navigation point makes it simple for users to navigate between pages.

Previous navigation between pages was a mixture of top of page dropdown menus, tabbed dividers and page shortcut links (Fig 2), leading to confusion and complicated navigation paths.

Having the navigation panel consistently on the left of the page allows users to have a familiar navigation style across the software.

Fig.1 - New navigation
Fig.2 - Legacy navigation


Another key change is around page layout. Page layouts follow a consistent theme:

Top of page gives users sub-navigation for the relevant page (Fig 3a).

Bulk of page is dedicated to relevant Objective Manager functionality (Fig 3b). Users will remain familiar with the specific modules within OM (such as Objectives, Plan pages, Performance Reviews, etc.).

This page by way of example shows the Objectives page displayed when the user selects that option on the left-hand navigation  (Fig 3c).

Fig.3 - Page layouts


Many pages that were previously ‘buried’ within other pages on the software can now be accessed through a single click:

No need to remember multi-click navigation paths to pages such as Surveys (Fig 4) or find hidden links to pages such as Plans (Fig 5).

Fig.4 - Surveys
Fig.5 - Plans


Another page that some customers felt was not easily accessed was the Performance Reviews page (Fig 6). Again, this now can be accessed directly from the left-hand navigation panel.

Once users land on the Performance Reviews page, they will see all the expected functionality.

Fig.6 - Performance Reviews/Appraisals


A new, quicker way to navigate to the Search page (Fig 7) which retains the functionality users will recognise (Fig 8)

Fig.7 - New Search page
Fig.8 - Old Search page


The navigation UI/UX is a massive part of our software and any changes are made with customer experience and requirement at the front of mind for everyone involved.UI/UX was the top voted for item during the most recent Client Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, reinforcing our desire to deliver a navigation refresh. The top considerations for our UI/UX were driven by the needs of our customers. The key findings from the CAB meetings include:

  • Navigation regularly comes up as a pain point for end users in emails to customer support and project sponsors in product review sessions.
  • The changes to UI/UX will reduce confusion for users, in where to find links to key areas and how to navigate between pages.
  • Navigation could be made faster, with single click access to key pages within Objective Manager.