What are the updates on 'My Homepage'?

Your homepage is the easiest way to see the latest updates from everyone around the firm. You will see any progress updates or task completions for shared objectives on here. The updates are from everyone in the firm with an ObjectiveManager account. It will show updates from individuals as well as plans (if you have them).

You can customise the feed to show updates only from people that you follow, by using the dropdown menu at the top of your homepage (see image below). If you change the view, it will remain the same the next time you log in.

If you have the privileges to view a private progress update (i.e. for your own objectives or you are a Lead Reviewer for a particular person), you will also see updates appear  for the private objectives. This is completely normal as you have the rights to view those updates. Anyone else looking at the same page will not see the private updates.