How do I search all objectives?

To search all objectives on the system:

  1. Click the Search tab
  2. Click on the All Objectives Tab
  3. Refine your search by Role, Department or Office

You can display further filters by clicking the 'More Filters' button |(see image above)

  1. You can Filter by Tags by using the Tag drop down menu
  2. Tick the People checkbox if you only want to see People objectives
  3. Tick the Client checkbox if you only want to see Client Plan objectives
  4. Tick the Plan checkbox if you only want to see Business Plan objectives

For a more specific search, type in a keyword into the search box for the objective you are looking for.

Tip: Searching for specific keyword terms and finding related objectives, is a great way of finding out what else is going on around the organisation. It also helps you to identify people you may want to connect with, follow, or share ideas and information with on the achievement of specific objectives. It may also reveal where you may have gaps and need to set new objectives in certain areas.

Each firm that uses ObjectiveManager has different requirements. This means that some firms do not use Client plans or Business plans.