Day three: Your objectives through the year

Planning the ‘How’ for objectives.

When you have objectives on ObjectiveManager, you can manage them throughout the year with Tasks and Progress Updates.

The steps that you plan to take, showing how you plan to achieve your objective, are known as Tasks. Here's some guidance for adding a task.

Progress Updates

As you work towards your objective throughout the year, you can add progress updates, showing the movement towards achieving objectives.

When you have made significant progress towards your objective, select the relevant objective and click Add Progress. Try selecting one of your own objectives and add a progress update.

A good progress update is not about day to day activities, but the key movement towards an objective. Adding progress updates once a month is a guideline frequency to follow.

For shared objectives, it is important to remember that other people will see the update on their homepage when they log in.

When you complete a task on ObjectiveManager, you have the choice to also add progress update. This can often prove useful as the tasks may have been written several weeks/months previously.

As you add progress updates to your objectives, you will see the Getting Started guide* automatically updates to reflect this. Once you have posted the minimum number of updates, your Getting Started guide will no longer show a reminder to post progress updates. 

That concludes this chapter. The next and final part of your onboarding is about collaborating with others.

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If you would like to learn more, please watch this video:  Managing your objectives

*The Getting Started guide is an optional feature on ObjectiveManager. Not all firms use this.

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