How do I add a Task?

Once you have added your objectives, you can start planning the Tasks required to achieve each objective:

  1. Click on the Objective that you want to add Tasks to
  2. Click on Add Task
  3. Describe the Task and add a Due Date
  4. Add the Costs associated with the Task (optional - if activated)
  5. Press Save
  6. The Task will appear under your Objective

You can now use the Tasks as a checklist to track your progress towards your objective.

Your organisation may have a different name for Tasks - e.g. Action | Key Results | Areas of focus. This does not really matter; what we are focused on is the information which sits behind the objective, what are you going to do in order to achieve the objective.

Any tasks you create on a shared objective will appear on your My Objectives page and also the homepage (once you complete the task). Therefore, ask yourself "Does this task help me achieve my objective, or is it just part of my day job"? Smarter tasks will also lead to better quality progress updates that are more useful to your colleagues.

If your objective is private, other users (except for your Reviewer) will not see completed tasks on their homepage.