How can I assign a plan task?

A Plan Owner, Co-Owner or Team Member can assign a task from a plan objective to anyone on the team:

  1. Open the Plan and click on the relevant plan objective
  2. Click on the Add Task button
  3. Add the description of the task to define the action for recipient
  4. Select a priority level (if priority is activated)
  5. Select a target date for the task completion (this cannot exceed the objective target date)
  6. Choose the people you want to assign the task to
  7. click Save

The task will now appear under the plan objective, displaying the name of the person it is assigned to. The recipient(s) will receive an email notification that they been assigned a task. You can edit existing Plan Tasks to add or remove recipients.

If a person is removed from a Plan, any Tasks that have been assigned to them will still be allocated to them. They will only be able to read the task or the plan information as a non-team member. You can Edit the task and remove the person to remove the Task from that person's account.

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