Who can see my objectives?

The two standard privacy settings for Objectives are 'Shared' or 'Private'. If the objective is marked as Shared, then everyone on ObjectiveManager can see the objective (that's great for collaboration). If you mark it as Private, only you and your Lead Reviewer can see that objective. If you have a Secondary Reviewer, they can also see your private objectives.

When you create an objective it goes through three stages (Draft, Pending & Approved). Only  you can see Draft objectives (red light). Once you’ve sent an objective for approval (orange light) it becomes Pending & everyone can see it (unless you mark it as Private). When your Lead Reviewer has approved an objective, the light will turn green (Approved).

Note: Feedback is never visible to others on a shared objective. Feedback can only ever be seen by the provider, recipient and reviewers of the recipient.

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