What's covered in the weekly digest email?

This is a summary list of the items included within the weekly digest e-mail. ObjectiveManager. The weekly digest e-mails are designed to keep people engaged with what their colleagues are focused on achieving – that’s powerful for helping people be more collaborative.

Weekly Digest Summary

  • Number of draft objectives to send for approval
  • Number of feedback requests
  • Number of tasks due in the next 7 days
  • User has a Review form to complete
  • Annual review form is ready for completion
  • Please sign off your Review Form
  • Reviewee has completed their assessment
  • Number of Objectives to approve
  • Number of Reviewee forms to complete 

The weekly digest will only reference the above sections if they are outstanding on your account. Any of the points that do not apply to you when the email is sent will not be mentioned in that weekly digest (see image below for an example).

The weekly digest email isn’t influenced by the other email notification categories. For example - if you disable ‘Feedback Request’ emails but enable ‘Weekly Digest’, the weekly digest email will include a line for any outstanding feedback requests on ObjectiveManager.