A list of e-mails sent by ObjectiveManager

This is a summary list of the e-mails that you may receive from ObjectiveManager. These e-mails are designed to keep people engaged with what their colleagues are focused on achieving – that’s powerful for helping people be more collaborative.

Objectives – Live Notifications (Regular)

  • Someone you are following has added an update
  • Your objective has been approved/declined
  • Feedback has been given to/requested from you
  • Someone has edited feedback they have given to you
  • Someone has liked one of your Progress Updates

Objectives – (Included within a Weekly Friday Digest Email)

  • Number of Objectives to approve
  • Number of draft objectives to send for approval
  • Number of feedback requests
  • Number of tasks due in the next 7 days
  • User has a Review form to complete
  • Number of Reviewee forms to complete 

Objective Setting – Live Notifications (Infrequent)

  • Someone has linked to one of your objectives
  • Your objective’s target is due in x days
  • You have been added/removed to/from a plan team
  • A new member has joined a team you are a member of
  • Task has been assigned to you from a plan
  • Objective has been cascaded to you from someone else
  • Reviewee’s objective has been archived/deleted/restored

Plan Owner Notifications (Limited Number of People)

  • Co-owner has deleted/archived/edited an objective
  • Co-owner has added/deleted a task

Annual Reviews - User Notifications

  • Annual review form is ready for completion (also in Weekly Friday Digest)
  • Lead reviewer has completed your review form
  • Lead reviewer has released feedback
  • Lead reviewer has archived your review form
  • Please sign off your Review Form (also in Weekly Friday Digest)

Annual Reviews - Lead Reviewer Notifications

  • Reviewee has completed their assessment (also in Weekly Friday Digest)
  • Reviewee confirms the form does/not accurately reflect discussions

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