A list of e-mails sent by ObjectiveManager

This is a summary list of the e-mails that you may receive from ObjectiveManager. These e-mails are designed to keep people engaged with what their colleagues are focused on achieving – that’s powerful for helping people be more collaborative. You can also view a PDF version of this page, which provides more detail.

Note - Lead Reviewers will ‘follow' their Reviewees’s by default. It is possible for a Lead Reviewer may choose to ‘unfollow’ a Reviewee for certain reasons. In a similar fashion, Plan Team Members will automatically 'follow' a Plan.

Credits Allocation

  • “Please allocate credits to users as part of < allocation batch name>”

Feedback requests

  • “<someone> has requested feedback on their objective or competency”
  • “Your <objective> feedback request has been deleted (objective has been archived)”
  • “<someone> has posted [unattributed] feedback (including unattributed feedback entries which have been edited or updated)”
  • “<someone> has posted feedback (including feedback entries which have been edited or updated)”
  • “<someone> has requested general feedback”
  • “You've requested feedback on your <type of feedback> Feedback”

Liked Progress Updates

  • “[user name] has 'liked' your progress update”

LMS Notifications

  • “Thanks for attending the event: <event name>”
  • “You have been invited to this event: <event name>”
  • “You have been booked on the event: <event name>”
  • “You have an upcoming event: <event name>”
  • “Event cancelled, if an admin cancels an event”
  • “When an admin removes a user from an event”

LMS Admin Notifications

  • “<user name> has cancelled their booking to event: <event name>”
  • “<user name> has cancelled their booking to event: <event name>”
  • “The event <event name> is now full”

Mandatory email notifications

  • “Password reset”
  • “<lead reviewer> has declined to approve your objective”
  • “<someone> has declined to give feedback”
  • “Password reset blocked due to company settings”
  • “Auto-archive: your objective has been archived by the system because it is more than 180 days past its due date”

Objective Approval Requests

“Your objective has been approved”

Objective Auto-approve

  • “The following (reviewee) objectives have been approved as they have been pending for more than [x] days”
Objectives Expiring Soon
  • “Your objective's target date is in <x> days” (or tomorrow if expires in 1 day)

Objective Updated

  • “Your cascaded objective has been updated”
  • “A parent objective has been archived”
  • “<someone> has archived an objective”
  • “<someone> has deleted an objective”
  • “<reviewee> has edited/refreshed an objective (for re-approval)”
  • “Task deleted”

Objective Tag Used

  • “Tag used”

Performance Reviews

  • “To reviewee: Your review form is ready to complete”
  • “<appraisal name> - Please complete the <review> form for <reviewee>”
  • “Secondary reviewer completed the <review> sent to LR”
  • “Your Lead Reviewer has released your [review] Assessment Feedback”
  • “Your Reviewee has indicated an issue with their <review> Form”
  • “Your Reviewee has signed-off their < review> Form”
  • “Annual declaration completed by reviewee”
  • “Annual declaration completed by reviewer”
  • "You have not released your feedback”
  • “You have not completed your Reviewee's Assessment”
  • “You have not archived a form”
  • “Your Self-Assessment / Annual Declaration is not complete”
  • “You have not started your Self-Assessment (Performance Review or Annual Declaration Form)”
  • “You have not signed-off your Review Form”

Plan Alerts

  • “You have been added to a team”
  • “A member has left your team”

Progress Updates

  • “<someone you are following> has posted a progress update”
  • “You have a request for a progress update”

Proxy Access

  • “ObjectiveManager access has been delegated to you”

Survey Requests

  • “<someone> requested feedback on <survey name>”
  • “Please invite users to participate in' <survey title>”
  • “<survey requestor> deleted survey request”
  • “Self-assessment sent to the user”
  • “Threshold met – if threshold is used before results are available”
  • “Survey <survey name>  - <survey owner> - results are now available”

Objective/Task Assigned or Cascaded

  • “A new objective has been cascaded to your reviewee”
  • “A new objective has been cascaded to you”
  • “<someone> has linked to one of your objectives”
  • “A task has been assigned to you”
  • “A new objective has been cascaded to your reviewee”

Task Due Soon

  • “You have <x> tasks to complete”

Weekly Digest

  • “Weekly Digest”