What types of notification will I receive?

There are a number of ways you will be notified when you have actions to take on ObjectiveManager. These notifications keep you up to date with what you need to do on the system.

1. My Homepage Tab

This acts as a Notification Centre/Information hub with news and updates coming in. You will be prompted if you have actions to take, some of the most common include:

  • Review Forms to complete
  • Overdue Objectives or Tasks to Complete
  • Feedback to give, following requests from colleagues

Alongside each action is a number within a circle. That number indicates how many instances are outstanding for the given task or action. 

Actions that have have exceeded their due date will be indicated by a red circle. Actions without a due date or within their due date are indicated by a blue circle.

2. Notification Bell

You can always see if you have outstanding actions when you are logged in to ObjectiveManager by viewing the Notification Bell in at the top of the screen. Selecting the bell icon will show any actions for you to complete.  If the number shown on the bell icon is red, you have actions to complete that are overdue.

Email Alerts

Numerous actions and activities will trigger an email notification. This is a great way of being alerted and act as a reminder to guide you back to your objectives. A full list of email notifications is available upon request from your administrator.

Tip: If you are a Lead Reviewer, it is worth checking regularly if you have Objectives to approve, feedback to give or review assessments to complete in case you miss any of the notification alert emails.

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