How do I update my competencies?

You can add progress to your competencies, or request feedback from other ObjectiveManager users to support your competencies throughout the year. To access your Competencies:

  1. Click the dropdown menu next to your profile picture (pictured above)
  2. Select My Competencies
  3. Click on the relevant competency

You can interact with your competencies in different ways*:

  • Select Add Progress to record your comments
  • Add Development Needs that relate to your Competencies
  • Select Get Feedback to gather feedback from others
  • Upload Documents that are associated with your Competencies

If the competency has a more in depth description, you can select View full definition to view it. Selecting Hide full definition will minimise it. 

As with your objectives, feedback for your competencies is always confidential.

You can choose the visibility for your progress updates when you create them using the privacy dropdown menu (Shared can be seen by everyone, Private updates are only visible to you and your Lead Reviewer). Shared progress updates cannot be seen on the homepage, they are only seen when other people view your competency page. 

Different Firms may use a different term for Competencies. Other names for Competencies include: | Career Frameworks | Capabilities | Behaviours | Results Areas | Performance Criteria 

*Firms can customise the functions within Competencies. A good example is Add Development Need. If your firm has chosen to remove the Development Needs button from each competency, it will not appear on your screen.

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