What are 'Competencies'?

Objectives are an important part of any firm, as they are a clear indicator of what people will achieve throughout the year, but objectives aren’t the whole picture. It is equally important for people to think about how they contribute to the company, the manner in which they achieve their results. Having a set of core values or competencies gives everyone in the organisation some clear guidance on how to work within the firm’s culture.

Having these behaviours is a key aspect of any high performance organisation, as it gives people the guidance needed to demonstrate the competencies and create an effective, engaging and productive environment for everyone in the firm.

ObjectiveManager supports this by giving you a dedicated place in your account to see your firm’s competencies and record your successes and contributions, throughout the year. Adding progress to your competencies frequently which shows examples of how you demonstrate these competencies will support your performance reviews.

Different Firms may use a different term for Competencies. Other names for Competencies include: Behaviours | Results Areas | Performance Criteria.

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