Giving feedback on an objective

You can give people feedback - which is only visible to you, the recipient and their Reviewer(s) - on their objectives at any time throughout the year. 

To give feedback, go to the feedback recipients’s page:

  1. Click on the objective you want to give feedback on
  2. Select the 'Feedback' tab
  3. Click the Give Feedback button
  4. Complete the feedback entry box
  5. Select a type of feedback from the dropdown menu (if feedback type is activated for your Firm)
  6. Your Feedback will be shown under the objective
  7. To edit or delete feedback click on the text to make your changes

Note: You will receive an email notification if someone either requests feedback from you or has given you some feedback on your objectives. You will also receive an email notification if they edit the feedback given to you. Feedback can be hidden from the recipient (by selecting "Show to Lead Reviewer Only").