How do I add a progress update?

You can add Progress Updates against your objectives, at any time. This helps you stay on top of your achievements and will help you remember what you have achieved when it comes to the end of the year. To add a progress update:

  1. Select relevant objective
  2. Click Add Progress and add your progress update (up to 1200 characters)
  3. Align your update to one of the categories from the dropdown menu.
  4. The measure you have entered will be displayed as your Target 
  5. Add your progress against this target in the Change box
  6. The current position will be calculated for you (If progress wheels are activated)
  7. If you did not add a measure, select the % complete 
  8. Add the Status of the objective from the drop down list (On Track | Caution | At Risk)
  9. Choose a privacy setting for your Update*
  10. Click Save

You will see the progress wheel on the objective moves closer to your target measure. The progress update can be seen under the objective, as well as on the homepage**. If you have marked an objective as private, the update is only visible on the homepage to you and your Lead Reviewer.

Tips: Add your key activities, successes and milestones i.e. things which have moved you forward in the achievement of your objectives. This will also make it easier for you to complete your performance review at the end of the year if you have made regular and timely progress updates to your objectives. Progress updates should not be used to record day-to-day activities, rather to show the significant progress you have made.

*ObjectiveManager allows you to choose a privacy setting for the progress update. This means that you can add private progress updates for shared objectives. This flexibility allows you to share your objectives around the firm, whilst keeping certain progress updates private. Private Progress updates on your personal objectives are only visible only to yourself and your Lead Reviewer. Private Progress updates made on Plan objectives are only visible to the plan team.

**Progress updates that are less than 100 characters in length will not appear on the homepage. This is by design, to increase the value of update for other users around the firm. The only exception to the 100-character limit is for progress updates that move an objective to 100% complete. A progress update that indicates completion of an objective will appear on the homepage (subject to privacy settings) regardless of length.