Can I comment on other progress update?

Your homepage presents you with the latest progress from around the firm (or you can configure the homepage to present only the progress updates you wish to see, using the “Latest updates” dropdown menu. To promote collaboration, you can interact directly with each progress update you see. The available interactions include:

1.Feedback – provide feedback that will appear alongside the corresponding objective for the progress update

2.Like– positively reinforce progress updates by indicating that you ‘like’ the content

3.Follow– keep updated with future progress that is made for the overarching objective

4.Comment– share your thoughts on the progress update. These comments are visible firmwide and can encourage even greater contribution or collaboration for the objective associated with the progress update. Previous comments can be viewed underneath the associated progress update, by clicking “Comments”

Note – If an objective is ‘archived’, interaction options for any corresponding progress updates are restricted.