Adding ObjectiveManager as an App

ObjectiveManager is a web-based application. This helps the software to run effectively on various devices.

To reflect this approach, the most effective way to use ObjectiveManager on your mobile device is to install a shortcut on your homepage. ObjectiveManager will then appear on your phone or tablet as an app. You will only need to do this once, as then you will simply click on the icon to go directly to ObjectiveManager on your mobile device. 

Note before starting  - Single Sign-On (SSO) users can also follow this process, by using your company-specific login link and entering your SSO login credentials. If you are using SSO credentials in the Safari browser, you may be asked to confirm login credentials if you close and re-open ObjectiveManager from the home screen icon.

To do this on an iOS device, using the built in Safari browser:

  • Go to the ObjectiveManager login page (if your firm provides a link to ObjectiveManager, use the same link address)
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Tap the Share icon 
  • Select Add to Home Screen
  • Check the icon title is "ObjectiveManager"
  • Select Add

You can now access ObjectiveManager in the same way as any other app on your mobile.

To do this on an Android device:

The process is similar, the layout of the screens is slightly different. The icon at the top of the page allows you to open a submenu

From there, you can select "Add to Home Screen" to create link as an App. An icon will now be displayed on your screen, which will take you directly to ObjectiveManager in future, without needing to repeat these steps.

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