What happens if I accidentally close my review form?

Review forms are an important part of the appraisal process. Capturing all achievements for the year, progress made and discussion points can take a few attempts. As you are writing your comments and performance summaries, it can be infuriating if something happens that accidentally closes the review form. And all of your comments have been lost, meaning you have to start again. 

Review forms on ObjectiveManager now present less risk of lost entries, through an 'Auto-save' feature. As you capture your thoughts and enter comments. or select dropdown options, the review form will save the current entry as a draft form. 

This means that any incident that causes the form to suddenly close without saving will not delete your entries. Returning to the form and continuing where you left off will reveal your previous work. This auto-save feature will store your entries in a 'draft' status. The process of completing each element of the review form must till be completed as normal. This feature means you won't have to start from scratch, if the form is unexpectedly closed.