Using the Objectives Library

The Objective Library is a useful tool that allows users to select from a list of Objective templates and tailor the Objective to suit their personal requirements. People can also simply browse the library for inspiration when writing their own objectives. Quick, specific to the firm and simple to use, the Objectives Library can speed up the initial objective writing process and reduce the effort when writing new objective.

If the firm has activated the Objectives Library, here's how to use it when writing Objectives:

  1. Go to the My Objectives page
  2. Click Add Objectives
  3. Select the Objectives Library link
  4. Browse the available Objectives
  5. When a suitable objective is found, click the + icon, alongside the corresponding Objective
  6. Edit the Objective wording to meet requirements
  7. Complete the remaining fields in the Add Objective window
  8. Click Save

The new Objective is displayed in the My Objectives page as normal.

Note - If the firm has not activated the library, or if there are no Objectives defined for your role, the Objectives Library link will not appear.

The library can be configured to display objectives for different user groups, making the templates specific for the intended users. The Objectives in the library will be defined by the firm, keeping them relevant for all users. 

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