New Features

Linked, Cascaded or Tagged?

29th August 2019

It is now even easier to distinguish between the different relationships that exist for any given objective. When viewing objective links, the related objectives are now categorised as either linked, cascaded or tagged .  Selecting View Links for any personal objective, or Links on a Plan, presents a summary of all related objectives, and categorises the related objectives.

Note - Tagged objectives apply to plans only.

Cascading Tasks with Objectives

23rd July 2019

Users can now cascade tasks when cascading objectives. If this function is activated in the for the firm, you will be asked whether or not you want to cascade tasks with the overarching objective. 

Note - Cascaded Tasks will not be linked to the parent tasks (i.e. completing a cascaded task on a cascaded objective will not influence the parent task). This function must be activated for your firm to allow the option for cascading tasks.

Auto-save for Review

24th May 2019

Review forms are an important part of the appraisal process. Capturing all achievements for the year, progress made and discussion points can take a few attempts. As you are writing your comments and performance summaries, it can be infuriating if something happens that accidentally closes the review form. And all of your comments have been lost, meaning you have to start again. 

Review forms on ObjectiveManager now present less risk of lost entries, through an 'Auto-save' feature. As you capture your thoughts and enter comments. or select dropdown options, the review form will save the current entry as a draft form. 

Print Settings Upgraded

24th May 2019

Printed copies of Objectives or Plans still represent an important requirement for our customers. Even if the print is to PDF, having an offline copy of key information from ObjectiveManager allows people to continue working towards their goals and have valuable discussions, even if there is no internet connection available.

As part of this release, you can now go into your plan or personal objectives page and filter the objectives that will be printed to an offline (PDF or paper) copy.

Plan Owners and Co-owners also benefit from some additional print settings. Selecting 'Print' from a plan page will give an option to print the plan objectives, background or even team members' page.

Enhancing the way ObjectiveManager appears

25th February 2019

If you are a firm that uses the cascading features in ObjectiveManager, you will know that there are a number of fields to complete for the cascaded objective. A lot of these weren't necessary to effectively communicate a cascaded objective, so the ones that weren't needed...we removed them from the cascading window. The same information is sent to the recipient of a cascaded objective, but removing the fields from the form makes the it quicker and simpler for anyone to cascade appropriate objectives.

Enhancing the way ObjectiveManager appears

18th February 2019

February saw a new release that changed the way ObjectiveManager appears. Modernised buttons, simplified layouts and easier-to-identify user objectives. Watch this video to see what looks different...

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