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All your feedback, consolidated

With feedback available for Objectives, Competencies, Development Needs or General Feedback, it can sometimes be confusing to find the specific feedback you are looking for. You can now view all feedback you have received, given or requested in one place.

From your objectives page, select the feedback link (see image above) for a consolidated view of your feedback.

Each item of feedback will show you:

  • Date the feedback was provided
  • The feedback provider (for received feedback) or recipient (for feedback given to others)
  • The type of feedback (with a link to the specific objective/competency if applicable)

You can also view and manage any outstanding feedback requests.

Note - Nudge E-mails form part of the 'Feedback Requests' email category. Some users may have disabled these email types.

Configure your time zone

Many of the firms that use ObjectiveManager have offices all over the world. To support global users, we have added the option to choose your own timezone.

Annual Declarations in Review Forms

Annual Declarations on review forms can now be used to indicate the accuracy of the declaration. Both Reviewer and Reviewee can agree/disagree with the statement if this has been included on the review form.

Getting Started Videos

For new and existing users alike, you can now access a set of 'Getting Started' videos which are designed to further develop your understanding of the software. Search the help directory for 'Video' and you will find the Getting Started article containing all of our introduction videos.

Customise your email notifications

Take control of your inbox with the latest update. You can now select the different types of email notifications you wish to receive from your account. Simply go to ‘Your Account’ and tick the email categories you wold like to receive updates for.

Follow others from your Homepage

You can now use your homepage to follow relevant objectives with the option to Follow objectives when you see progress updates on your homepage. 

Add Progress Updates on your homepage

It is now even quicker to add your latest progress updates for your objectives. You can now use the ‘Add Progress’ option at the top of your homepage to share a progress update on your chosen objective.

View previous Review Form comments

Review forms will now show an additional tab for Objectives and Competencies. This helps to separate your ongoing feedback from specific reviewer feedback during reviews or appraisals.

While the tab will be visible on all current review forms, The separation will only take place after your current review form is archived. This means you will benefit fully from this function during the next review cycle.

Approving Objectives for your Reviewees

Lead Reviewers can now approve or decline objectives directly from their reviewee's objectives page. This will be particularly noticeable when completing review forms.

View Feedback Given and Received

It is now even easier to view general feedback. We have made some changes to your feedback page that gives you clear sight of the general feedback you have received and given. You can also see who provided the feedback, when it was added and if it has been amended.

Review forms have also benefitted from the feedback improvements. If your review form includes an Overall Pre-Review Assessment, you can see 'at a glance' how many pieces of general feedback you have received. Selecting the Feedback tab allows you to see the feedback in detail.

Enhanced Development Needs

Development Needs is an important area on ObjectiveManager.  Until now, you had limited functions to record and track your development activities.

Now we have moved Development Needs to a dedicated page, giving you vastly improved abilities to define, track and record your development activities.

Navigating from Competencies to Development Needs

It’s now easier to go directly to Development Needs when you are working on your Competencies page. Each Competency allows you to switch to your Development Needs page instantly. See how it works below.

Annual Declarations in Review Forms

We can now add an annual declaration statement to review forms. These can be added by request to any review form templates, allowing Reviewers and Reviewees to digitally sign a declaration with one simple click.

Supporting you with SRA Compliance

With the addition of a dedicated Development Needs page, alignment between Competencies & Development Needs, as well as a digital annual declaration of competence, remaining SRA compliant is straightforward. ObjectiveManager makes it simple for you to regularly reflect on the quality of your practice, define and manage your personal development needs and keep up-to-date records of your activities throughout the year.

New Feature: Private Progress for shared Objectives

Posted August 24, 2016.

You can now choose a privacy setting for the progress update. This means that you can add private progress updates for shared objectives.

This flexibility allows you to share your objectives around the firm, whilst keeping certain progress updates private, so they are only visible only to yourself and your Lead Reviewer.

New Feature: Create Plan Background Sub-headings

Posted August 24, 2016.

Plan Background information can now have even more clarity, with the option to add sub-headings to each background area.

Under each heading in the background area, subheadings can be created to create a detailed, organised plan background.

Plan Owner/ Co-owner can request this optional feature by emailing and  giving the subheadings required for the relevant background header/s.

New Feature: More secure plan background information

Posted August 24, 2016.

Plan Owners or Co-owners have always been able to request that plan background information as private. This prevents non-team members from viewing the plan background information.

The latest update to plan settings allows the Owner or Co-owner to further restrict the visibility of plan background.

In the Plan Settings (Other Actions on the main Plan page), the background information can now be limited so that only the Owner or Co-owners can view plan background information. 

  1. For all team member to view the background information link, select Yes for 'Show Background Plan Link'
  2. For only Owner/ Co-owners to view the background information link, select No for 'Show Background Plan Link'

This supports the need to have confidential information on the plan that is only available to certain key people in the plan team.

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