Review process overview for Reviewees

Here is an overview of the review process on ObjectiveManager for a Reviewee. Before opening your review form, you should update your account. This includes updating your objectives, competencies and development needs, as well as gathering feedback from others. If you do this after the review form is started, your updates will not appear in your review form.

  1. The Review Process is started
  2. You (the reviewee) receive an e-mail link to open your review form
  3. Add your Self-Assessment and then notify your Reviewer
  4. Your Reviewer gives their feedback
  5. Your Reviewer releases their feedback to you
  6. The Performance review meeting takes place
  7. Your Reviewer adds Post Review Feedback
  8. The Review Form is closed and Archived by the Lead Reviewer
  9. You sign-off the review form
  10. The Process is complete

If you have more than one reviewer, the Lead Reviewer is responsible for advancing the form as above. Any secondary reviewers can add their feedback at each reviewer stage of this process 

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