How do I Approve Objectives for my Reviewees?

If you are a Lead Reviewer you will be required to approve your Reviewees’ objectives. To approve objectives:

  1. Go to My Homepage
  2. Go to your Notifications
  3. Click on Objectives to approve
  4. All objectives you have to approve will be displayed here
  5. If you are happy to approve the Objective click the Approve button
  6. If not, click Decline and discuss any concerns with your Reviewee
  7. The Reviewee can then amend and send for re-approval

Your Reviewee will be notified that you have approved the objective. 

You can also approve objectives directly by going to your reviewee's objectives page.

If you decline to approve an objective, the comments you send to your Reviewee will be stored in under the Feedback tab for the relevant objective. The Objective will return to a Draft status

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