Refreshing objectives for your review

Part of the review form is to add or update your objectives for the next review period. In order to do this:

  1. Click on the Next Year’s Objectives section
  2. This will take you to your Objectives page
  3. You can Add, Refresh or Archive Objectives as required
  4. Click on the Green bar to go back to your performance review form

If the firm has set a minimum number of objectives that you need to add/refresh for next year, then it will be shown on the green bar across the top of the page.

The most commonly asked question (when refreshing objectives) is about Progress Updates and Tasks. Any existing entries will carry into the refreshed objective, so you can consider the relevance of these entries when refreshing the objective. 

Note - Amending an objective (or any associated Tasks or Progress Updates) will not affect the snapshot of your Objectives on the review form, once the form is Archived. We strongly recommend that you review the Tasks and Progress Updates on refreshed objectives once you have completed the entire review process.

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