Adding a development need

Adding a Development Need* is similar to adding an objective. To add a Development Need:

  1. Go to your Development Needs page
  2. Click Add
  3. Describe your specific development need
  4. Select the type of development need - i.e. what is it relating to?
  5. Choose your planned approach for this development activity
  6. Select a priority status for the development need
  7. Enter a target completion date
  8. Click Save

All Development Needs are private, so only your Lead Reviewer can see them. Once you have successfully added your Development Need, you can complete the following actions:

  • Add progress updates to Your Development Needs
  • Add Tasks to show how you plan to address your Development Need
  • Add supporting documents to keep accurate records of development activities*
  • Your Lead Reviewer can give feedback relating to development activity*

*Development Needs are customised to suit each Firm's requirements. The Development Needs entry box may have different dropdown options/text entry boxes to the animation above. This is normal.

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